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Who We Are


The Musico, Italian term, originally, the term referred to any trained, as opposed to amateur, musician. In DMUSICO, we hope to unleash the musician within you. Our passionate instructors will guide you through the learning process and adopt the syllabus that is suitable to your pace and need.

Passion . Rhythm . Dedication

Passion, Rhythm, Dedication are the motto of Dmusico. We believe passion drives people to achieve the dream of their life. There is no alternative to hard work and dedication. Music is not only a passion; it connects soul to the rhythm, the tones and the sound. Continuous learning and love for the music can explore the talent of any musician in a better way.

We are a team of dedicated musicians who choose to teach our passion. And it’s a passion we love conveying to our students. We believe that there is nothing more inspiring than a passionate and interested teacher. It’s almost contagious and you can’t help but be inspired by it.

What We Do

We Teach

We are a team of professional coaches with extensive training in specific teaching methods and regularly advance our teaching qualifications as well as our professional and personal skills.

Where does true motivation and inspiration come from? How do we learn effectively? How do we achieve our goals quickly? As our student, you will benefit from the answers to these questions. So you will progress quickly and have fun all along the way.

We provide inspirational private tuition and music workshops at our premises. We cater for all ages and abilities from absolute beginners to pro.

We teach the music you love because we know that’s what inspires you. We teach guitar, bass, piano, violin, drums and vocals.

We Sell

Dmusico is more than just a music house. We are also a music store providing quality musical equipment, gear, and accessories. Dmusico carries a broad range of high quality, brand name music instruments and accessories. We sell new and used musical instruments including:

  • Guitars
  • Basses
  • Keyboards
  • Piano
  • Drums
  • Ukeleles
  • Percussion
  • Stringed Instrumentsand more.

We also offer the accessories and other gear needed to keep instruments safe, in tune, and ready to play for years to come including:

  • Straps and Case
  • Tuners
  • Effects pedals
  • Strings and Picks
  • Drum sticks and much more.


Picture is worth a thousand words, feel free to browse to our gallery to know more about Dmusico. Cheer 🙂

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